Aerolux Blinds

Aerolux blinds are designed to withstand strong winds and rains while allowing clear visibility. They are produced special scratch resistant PVC, Stainless steel fittings and wires to protect against rusting.
Aerolux weather blinds are specially fabricated from high-grade UV stabilized transparent PVC. Stitched with acrylic fabric to cover the designed aluminum profile at symmetric intervals to match your décor, these. These blinds are available in all-clear, opaque and translucent models.
All of the blinds are built with designed aluminum sections are fixed with 316 Marine Grade steel components and screws. Their strength is further reinforced with 7×7 strand stainless steel cables of the same grade.
Aerolux blinds can be ordered and operated in Manual, Geared and Motorized controls. Delivery is within 3 to 4 weeks from time of order.
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