Customer Decides on a Variety of Options

A customer walked into our store wondering about what kind of options we had for window treatments in Santa Clara. We walked them through several options, including cellular shades and motorized blinds. We let the customer know that the cellular shades and motorized blinds would be made to fit her windows precisely and they both come with many benefits such as the cellular shades would keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which is an excellent energy saver. The motorized blinds are also an excellent energy saver too and they can protect your furniture, pictures, and even your hardwood flooring because they can be drawn when the sun is beaming down into the space. Both of these are operated with just a push of a button and no more cords and to get untangled.

This was a fun job for custom drapery in Santa Clara - The Yardstick

We also gave the customer information on interior shutters. We let her know that quality indoor shutters increase the value of the home and they also minimize allergens because they can be wiped down and cleaned very easily. We walked her around the store and went through all of the window treatments we provide and she was very eager to know and she asked plenty of questions that we answered for her. The customer ended up going with something a little bit less high tech, but she was amazed at our selection and our knowledge.

The new window treatment was decided

The customer decided that she wanted draperies in her space, so we showed her a wide range of fabrics. She selected the fabric that she wanted and we were scheduled to go to her home the following day to measure the windows in the space that the drapes were to be installed. Our team arrived at the Santa Clara home and they measured the windows and our designers suggested a beautiful rod and the homeowner loved it, then a week later the custom drapes were done and our installers and designers went to the home to install them for the homeowner. Within an hour our installers had the custom drapes installed and they enhanced the beauty of the space.

The customer came into the space when we were finished and she told us that the windows looked so nice. She was very happy that she stumbled into our store, because her space would not have looked this good without the assistance of our designers and our installers. The customer said that she would be letting all her friends and family members know what a great job that we did for her windows!

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