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Many people feel adding drapery products make your house, a home. They soften the look of all “hard” window treatments. Draperies add both real warmth as well as aesthetic warmth. There is no better insulating product than a lined drapery. But more than anything, they are an opportunity to truly complete a room by adding both a soft layer of texture and color, and choosing a beautiful fabric and construction. There are many ways to personify your style, whether it be opulent and exotic, crisp and simple, light and airy or complex and layered.
At The Yardstick, our design experts will give you a consultation at your home or business so that your drapes will be custom-made to fit the design of your home. We also have ready-made drapes for those easy-to-fit areas. You can buy your drapes today and hang them tonight.
The most important step in designing window treatments is evaluating the window in relation to the style of the room. Formal rooms usually call for attention to detail at the window. Rich fabrics and elegant ornamentation, such as the perfect drapery rod, helps to bring such a room together in a harmonious scheme. Informal rooms, however, may require simpler solutions. There are different solutions for different window styles.
It is wise to also visualize how window treatments will appear from the outside of the house. The right drapery rod can help to complete the picture. Aesthetically, window fashions should go virtually unnoticed from the outside, yet contribute to the architectural character of the house. No single window should stand out, nor should drapery, blind, or shade colors clash with the facade of the home. Windows adjacent to each other but treated in markedly different styles also distract from the house’s appearance as a unified entity.
The design of the room setting, including its furniture, must be carefully considered when planning new window treatments. In the world of decorating, there are many different terms that refer to different window treatments. With so many decorating choices today – from English country to Shaker and postmodern to western – the world of window fashions has expanded to make it possible to coordinate any style you desire.

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